Sony MDR-EX71 Headphones Insulation Falling Off

This is the third pair of EX71s that have done this to me within 2 months or so of purchase. Even though they sound great, and are superbly comfortable, I’ll never buy another pair of Sony headphones.

Now, I have to decide what to replace them with. I’m spoiled by comfortable isolating earbuds like these, so I’m looking at the Etymotics ER6is and the Shure E2Cs. Decisions, decisions. Would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t forked out for a third pair of these Sony EX71s.


9 thoughts on “Sony MDR-EX71 Headphones Insulation Falling Off

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had the same experience, black insulation has literally fallen apart within two months

  2. I feel your pain, mine started peeling about 3 months after I purchased them and I tried to contact Sony to wit, they blew me off and started asking me for a reciept which I no longer had.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im having exactly the same problem, any ideas what you can do, this is after a month, so not very happy

  4. Pete says:

    I got one from Radioshack with a service plan for 5.99 as they looked too flimsy to buy without the protection. I managed to keep them going for almost a year…but the sound went out in the left ear right before the service plan contract was up. YAY! These were the most comfortable and best-sounding earbuds I’ve had to date. However…the replacement I received is going directly to ebay 🙂 If only there was something like this with a bluetooth receiver you could wear around your neck or something to avoid tangles. I will miss them dearly 🙁

  5. Craig A says:

    Yep, my white insulation went gooey and just started separating from the wires after about 4 months, It’s like the silicone or polymer they use was not cured properly. I continued use after insulation all gone, but wires badly frayed now and shorting, must buy cheap set and transfer cables over to the Sonys. Absolutely no joy from Sony, I sent a complaint, but in true corperate tradition they have my money, and no service to give in return.
    Surely Sony must know they have had hundreds or thousands of failures of this nature, yet fail to acknowlege the existence of the problem. Sony MDR-EX71, great sound, crap materials.

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