The World’s Least Accurate Clock

The World’s Least Accurate Clock
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A stopped clock is right at least twice a day. This atomic clock that I bought for cheap on Amazon changes randomly from day to day. Sometimes it’s right on. Sometimes it’s 20-30 minutes behind for a day. Sometimes it’s exactly an hour behind for a day. It drives my wife crazy, and I’ve been told that if I want to preserve domestic harmony, I must replace this clock. Should I try to get a better atomic clock, or just get a regular one?

Snapped this photo showing my MSN Direct SPOT watch, which is also set to the atomic clock, to show the time discrepancy.


2 thoughts on “The World’s Least Accurate Clock

  1. Anonymous says:

    Casio now makes their GShock line with:

    1. Metal body and band.
    2. Solar powered.
    3. Sets itself each night at midnight to an atomic clock – you must be in the continental US to receive the signal.

    I’ve got one, and I _love_ it. It’s a bit thick as watches go, but if you’re a big guy it won’t be a problem.

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