Whoa. Someone’s hammering the PortlandPodcasting XML Feed

I just peeked at my logs, and I’ve had more than 36,000 raw http hits today. I usually average about 12,000 raw hits per day across all of my domains/sites. Not sure what’s causing the spike (my host’s reporting tool won’t show me individual page stats until the day’s over), but I can’t wait to find out what caused it. Hopefully it’s something positive, like a bunch of people reading/subscribing, and not something crappy like a DDoS attack or something.

In other news, I’m at home, and I think my sinuses have figured out how to produce *ahem* snot out of absolutely nothing, because they’ve been producing inhumanly copious amounts of the stuff since Saturday morning. Yay me…

EDIT: Found out what file is getting hit – the XML feed for, a site I host for the Portland Podcasting community. Someone’s probably got a misconfigured RSS aggregator, checking 20+ times per minute. I’ve posted a request for whoever it is to fix it, or unsubscribe.

My nose has been running like a faucet all day, and my sinuses still feel like they might just burst. I’ve been taking Sudafed like it’s candy, and I took to NyQuil gelcaps a while ago, so I can try to get some sleep tonight. Ugh.