Dell X50V vs Sony PSP – Video Playback

Eric and I were comparing video playback on my Dell Axim X50V Pocket PC and his Sony PSP.

The screen on the PSP is undeniably beautiful, and makes video look great. I only wish it wasn’t such a pain to get video onto the PSP. It has to be in a special format (MPEG4), with a special (cryptic) filename, and placed in a special (cryptic) folder on the PSP’s Memory Stick. It’s such a hassle that a cottage industry for apps that take your video and automate all of those steps has sprung up.

Why can’t we just drop our movies, in common codecs like DivX, WMV, Quicktime, etc. into a folder called “Video” on the Memory Stick, and be able to play them? That’s how Music and Photos are handled – simple and efficient. It’s frustrating that Sony made video so much more complicated.


2 thoughts on “Dell X50V vs Sony PSP – Video Playback

  1. Greg says:

    Just came accross your PSP comparison – that’s exactly why I got a Dell. Only problem is – I’m mac based and can’t get my Quicktime files to play on the Dell. I’ve hunted around and there seems to be few bits of software out there that will do the job – any reccomendations?


  2. I think there are one or two apps out there that can play Quicktime on Windows Mobile, but I’ve never actually used one. It definitely an area that needs work.

    If anyone knows of a good one, post a link!

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