Griffin iFM iPod FM Receiver/Remote/Recorder

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They’re accepting pre-orders now. For $49, I might pick one up if/when my stock iPod remote ever gives out.

But I have one big complaint, and it has to do with recording. The iPods have, in hardware, the ability to record very at very high quality – up to 96KHz. But the only way to get at the functionality is to install Linux. The existing mic/recording accessories, like this one, and the iTalk from Griffin, record at a very low quality – 8KHz – which is suitable for voice notes, but not much else.

So the iFM has a built-in mic, and probably records at a miserably low bitrate. Why, oh why, not include a line in/mic jack, Griffin? In fact, there’s already a jack on the unit, if you’re going to be able plug your headphones in and use it as a remote. Had you done so, I’d be falling all over myself trying to get my credit card out of my wallet and order one of these.

As it stands, until I hear otherwise (once it’s released), this one gets a big “meh” from me…


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