Guest Appearance on the TechAddiction Show

kct’s digital world: techADDICTION #16: Josh Bancroft guest appearance

Kevin C. Tofel and James “jkontherun” Kendrick invited me to join them on the TechAddiction Show podcast last night. I was happy to accept, and we spent about 15 minutes talking about mobile gadgets and technology (including the X41 Tablet, Sony PSP, and the Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone with EVDO). I had a great time geeking out with Kevin and James, and I’d do it again anytime, guys. Oh, and sorry for the Skype issues on my end – I had a laptop reboot right when you were going to call, and I was behind the company firewall. All things considered, I think Skype worked amazingly well.

Check out the TechAddiction Show podcast #16 for July 19, 2005 for the interview/geeking out, and subscribe if you like it.

Thanks for the kind words and chance to geek out, Kevin and James. I’ll have to have you on TinyPodcast some time!


2 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on the TechAddiction Show

  1. Josh, the pleasure was all ours! Next time, we’ll give you a little more notice than the 60 seconds we provided! 😉 Hey, this could be a new podcasting concept: commando interviewing…you just sneak up on someone and Skype them while recording a live show!

    Thanks again!

  2. Josh you are a true gentleman and geek’s geek. 🙂 It was a blast and hopefully one to be repeated. You can never have enough geeks talking about geek stuff.

    James Kendrick

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