iTunes 4.9 Gripe – No Playlists for Podcasts

OK, now that I’ve been using iTunes 4.9 and a Color iPod for all of about 24 hours, I already have one significant gripe. In iTunes, and on the iPod, podcasts are now handled in a completely seperate part of the database from music. That means that if you shuffle through all of your songs, you’ll never run across a podcast. You have to specifically choose Podcasts in the source list, and then choose which one to play from there.

Nice, if you don’t want podcasts to clutter up your music. The downside? You can no longer add podcasts to any Playlist, Smart or otherwise.

I used to use a Smart Playlist called New Podcasts – a list that showed me everything with a Genre of “Podcast” (forced by my podcatcher, Doppler) and play count of 0. That gave me one list I could play through, and hear all podcasts that I hadn’t listened to yet. When I finished listening to one of them, the play count got incremented, and it disappeared from the Smart Playlist.

I haven’t been able to find any similar functionality for Podcasts in iTunes 4.9 or the new iPod. In fact, since podcasts are now in a completely seperate part of the database, I can’t even manually create a playlist. I have to manually scroll to and select each podcast episode individually. Bleh.

Anyone know of a way around this? Apple, if you’re listening, this would be a much appreciated improvement in future revisions of iTunes and the iPod software.


2 thoughts on “iTunes 4.9 Gripe – No Playlists for Podcasts

  1. Arrrrrgggh…this is what I HATE about the new iTunes. I used to have a playlist that was in descending order, the newest on top. From that, I would just hit play and drive home. Now I have to look at each damn show to see if something is new.

  2. I figured out a fix for this problem….hopefully Apple will make this much less cumbersome for pocast listeners:

    First, in Itunes 4.9, open the Itunes Podcast folder. Select all of the podcast in that folder and drag the podcasts into the library.

    Second, hit the File menu and then New Smart Playlist. Creat a new Smart playlist: the first condition should be for genere that contains Podcast. The second condition should be for date added and the date of the podcasts you wish to have on the list, past or even future date or dates–however you want to group podcasts. You can doo a seperate smart playlist for each date you choose.
    Third, needed adjustments can be made, e.g, limitations of size of playlist. I use no conditions so that the created playlists show all of the podcasts for the selected date.
    Hit OK, then rename the playlist, e.g. walk 7/28. The playlist should be in the source area there with all of the podcasts for the selected date. You can adjust the playlist listed in Itunes by size, date added, or otherwise, and the playlist will show-up on the Ipod in the same order you choose.
    Fourth, connect your Ipod Mini. If in Settings for Ipod the box is checked to have all playlists automatically update, the new playlist should be a sub-folder under the Ipod source. If the Ipod settings box is checked to only have selected playlists updated, then check the box next to the new playlist you just created. You should then see the playlist as a sub-folder of the Ipod spource.

    Finally, after you have listened to the podcasts, in the library the podcast can be cleared, and it will be removed from the playlist and from the Ipod playlist. If you remove the complete playlist in Itunes, when the Ipod is updated, the playlist will similarily be cleard from your Ipod.

    It is cumbersome–and unexpected with Apple–but nothing else worked.

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