Miraculous Recovery of my New iPod

You’re never going to believe this. I didn’t, until I saw it with my own eyes.

Yesterday, I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to return my new 20GB Color iPod to either CompUSA or the Apple Store. It simply wouldn’t boot, no matter how many times I restored the firmware, or tried other tricks. In a last ditch effort, I checked somewhere that, in times past, would have been my first stop – the ArsTechnica Forums. I did a search for “ipod exclamation”, and this was the first hit in the results.

Could it be something as simple (and weird) as a cable? I have a third party USB/Firewire iPod cable that I got a while ago sitting on my desk. Out of desperation, I hooked it up, and did one more firmware restore. Everything proceeded normally, like before with the original cable, but when it got to the final reboot…

Eureka! After showing the Apple logo, it booted up, instead of showing the “folder with exclamation point”. I have to confess, I did a little happy dance. I couldn’t believe that something like using a different cable for the firmware updated could make a difference, but there you have it. Just goes to show that the Ars Hive Mind really does know everything. 🙂

Anyway, I took it home last night, and migrated all of my podcast subscriptions from Doppler to iTunes 4.9, so I can take advantage of the iPod’s podcast functionality (show notes, etc.). I still use Doppler to catch mashups, but it’s nice to have my podcasts and music in completely seperate areas in iTunes and on my iPod.

Expect a lot more about the new iPod in upcoming posts and podcasts (and maybe even some video). I’m really impressed with it so far – it’s the best podcast playing solution I’ve seen.