New Pocket PC Today Screen

New Pocket PC Today Screen
Originally uploaded by JoshB.

I paved my Dell Axim X50V yesterday, to install the latest ROM update from Dell.

I love the feeling of a fresh install! To celebrate, here’s a screenshot of my Today screen. Click on the image to view it at Flickr, and mouse over the Notes for details on what everything is. I’m using a new WisBar skin from Juni called GoldenCut. Love it so far. I was using Juni’s Organizer skin previously, and kept the Today theme from it, since the darker blue theme from GoldenCut made my text colors too hard to read. Juni makes some great Pocket PC app skins.

As a side note, Flickr Notes are a great way to annotate your photos or screenshots with descriptions or additional info. You can even add Notes to other people’s photos. Try it out if you haven’t already – post a link to your Today screen in the comments!


2 thoughts on “New Pocket PC Today Screen

  1. Wow, the screen looks very VGA in Flickr. I know at first the 640×480 resolution wasn’t available for very many things. How is that going? Also, wondering if you are wishing you had a Loox or one of the other VGA pocket PCs. Being a happy but always looking Treo 650 user, I’m mostly interested in that extra screen real estate and resolution.

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