Playing with Windows Vista (Longhorn) and IE7

I’m an MSDN Universal subscriber, so naturally I snapped up Longhorn Beta 1 when it was released yesterday, and IE7 this morning. Expect impressions on both over the next little while. Just to set expectations, I’m not a developer – just an geek. I’ll be trying interesting stuff, especially as it relates to digital media, photos, podcasting, mobile devices, etc.

IE7 so far is, well, underwhelming. The menus and button layout is different, what I guess is the new Longhorn standard. But nothing that you couldn’t achieve in IE6 by dragging stuff around. Tabbed browsing is there, but I’m dismayed that I can’t right-click on a folder full of bookmarks and choose “Open in Tabs”, or set a group of tabs to open as my Home page. Still some work to do there. Feed detection works for RSS feeds, but apparently not for Atom feeds. It doesn’t find the atom.xml feed for this site.

I don’t have much to say about Longhorn yet, because I’m having trouble getting to install in a Virtual PC. The 2.5 GB DVD image isn’t recognized as a bootable image by Virtual PC. Daemon Tools makes short work of that, mounting the image as a virtual DVD drive, but I’m having problems getting it to recognize and install on the virtual hard disk. Bleh. EDIT: Got past it. Had to restart the VM after letting setup create a partition on the VHD.

Stay tuned for updates, and let me know if there’s anything within reason that you’d like to know.


One thought on “Playing with Windows Vista (Longhorn) and IE7

  1. Craig Snively says:

    Hi Josh,
    I’m trying to do the same things with VPC and Vista. But I get to the part where select the hard disk, and it won’t format the partition I created, nor load a driver. Any help on this?


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