Samsung i730 Will Work as an EVDO Modem via USB

Surf on your laptop using the i-730 @ Dave’s iPAQ

Another stipulation I have about getting the Samsung i730 is the ability to use the blazing fast EVDO data connection with my laptop and other devices. Well, Dave Ciccone came to the rescue again, confirming that he has been able to use a USB cable with his i730 and get an EVDO connection to his laptop. Thanks again, Dave!

They’re not able to get Bluetooth working yet, but they’re working on it.

Dave, the Verizon PR people that hooked you up with this phone are sure getting their money’s worth. I’m about *this* close to pulling the trigger on one of these, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Behold, the advertising power of getting your product into the hands of evangelists, who will show people what’s so cool about it, and why they should buy it! I know a half a dozen people that will likely jump on one of these when/if I get one, and demo it in person.


8 thoughts on “Samsung i730 Will Work as an EVDO Modem via USB

  1. startup_house says:

    I am either going to go with the audiovox 6600 or the samsung i730 depending on the answer to this exact question.

    Does anybody know yet?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It can be used on a Mac and I’m doing so now.

    Set up the phone using the “**PATH” technique described on and elsewhere, and select the “Verizon PC5220 Support” as the modem type.

    Be warned, it works using only the 1st USB port it’s plugged into when the phone is first set up. You have to use the same port again for subsequent connections.

  3. Arsi says:

    Could you help me set up i730 on MAC?
    Here is what I do:
    On i730 I do **path and choose modem through USB on th USB tab. UART tab shows phone as the serial path. I push x to close this window and x again to close the phone window.
    On the MAC: I set up a new modem location and choose Verizon Support PC 5220 as the modem. Uncheck Wait for dial tone and push apply now.
    Open Internet Connect. Choose Samsung cdma technologies tab.
    Configuration: Modem Configuration
    Tel Number: #777
    Account Name
    Password: vzw & I push connect.
    I get: Internet Connect: A modem error occured. Please verify your settings and try again.
    What am I doing wrong/not doing?
    Any help is appreciated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey when using my i730 as a modem how do i set up my connetion on a windows xp system. i first MY COMPUTER>CONTROL PANEL>NETWORK CONNECTIONS then it asked me if t was broadband or dial-up which do i pick and they both asked for my ISP what is that and how do i know my ISP

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