Sony EX71 Insulation Disintegrating

Sony EX71 Insulation Disintegrating
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Another shot of how the insulation on my Sony EX71s is simply disintegrating into a mushy paste. I finally got frustrated with little globs of the stuff falling off and going down my shirt, and pulled most of it off. So now I’m going with the “bare wire” look.

This is the third pair of this model of headphones that has done this to me. It will be my last. I keep wearing them for two reasons. First, when people notice, I tell them all about how Sony ruined a fantastic sounding, supremely comfortable pair of earphones with shoddy materials. And second, I’m still waiting on my “$50 off a pair of Etymotics” coupon from Buzz Bruggeman at Gnomedex (he suffered a computer meltdown, and is still recovering from that).

Buzz, if you’re reading, help a brother out – I’m in dire straits here. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sony EX71 Insulation Disintegrating

  1. I had the same problem, with two consecutive pairs of these Sonys. I finally ponied up and bought Shure e3c, and they are _very_ solid. Can’t say I notice a difference in sound quality however.

  2. Mike Hodson says:

    Hi there. Funny how sony is still having this problem. I just recently went and exchanged my pair of the same headphones after developing the same problem- bought them back in october. I work at radioshack, so perhaps the constant coaching by management to ‘sell serviceplans’ made me buy one on my headphones. I figured, if I yank the end off pulling it out of my ear too fast, I could get a new pair. Never in a million years did I think they would just start falling apart. At least I now have a perfectly good sales aid to convince more people to buy a 5 dollar plan on the best sounding pair of headphones in the store 🙂

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