TinyPodcast 2005-07-05

An on the road podcast from Studio WRX returning from the Oregon Coast, with a special guest co-host – my wife Rachel (and peanut gallery comments from Emma in the backseat). You can download the MP3 file directly (right-click, save as), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast RSS feed in your favorite podcast aggregator to get the show delivered automatically to your computer and MP3 player. This week’s show is about 23 MB, 45 minutes.

The audio setup we used was a Griffin Lapel Mic hanging from the rearview mirror of Studio WRX, recording into my 40GB iPod running Linux (44.1 KHz). There’s lots of road noise, etc., that Audacity couldn’t clean up without destroying the sound, so I apologize in advance for the sound quality. I’ll be trying some different mics for future on-the-road shows, since I know the Griffin mic runs very hot.

Rachel and I chat about lots of things geeky and non-geeky, and give a sound-seeing narrative of the beautiful Oregon Coast, as we return from a Family Fun Day beach trip to Seaside, Oregon. Rachel was pretty self conscious about not being “geeky enough” for the show, and I tried to reassure her that wasn’t the case. So, if you get a chance, drop us some feedback, and let her know what you think of her first guest appearance on TinyPodcast!

As always, we love to get feedback! You can email us at or call our voice feedback line and leave us a message – 206-339-TINY. Let us know how we’re doing – good or bad.

Thanks for listening!