TinyPodcast 2005-07-28

A special 1 minute podcast recorded during the Portland Podcast meetup. You can download the MP3 file directly (right-click, save as), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast RSS feed in your favorite podcast aggregator to get the show delivered automatically to your computer and MP3 player.

Since I was doing this live as a demo, of course I screwed something up. I mistyped the filename when I uploaded it. I’ve fixed it now, so everyone who was getting “file not found” errors on the MP3, please try again. I cry your pardon for my mistake. 🙂

Oh, and Brian and I are going to record a full TinyPodcast today, so don’t think this is all you get for the week. I wouldn’t do that to you. 😉

Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed!


2 thoughts on “TinyPodcast 2005-07-28

  1. Is it me, or is the MP3 not downloading for anyone else? i tried at home and at work, and all i get is an error. im subscribed in iPodder and iTunes, but neither is getting the file either. i need my fix of Tiny Podcast!

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