Weekend Gadget Saga

Had a pretty nice weekend with regard to gadgets. Replaced our Uniden 5.8GHz cordless phone at home with a fancy new Panasonic that can do pretty much anything a modern cell phone can do (WAV ringtones, caller ID photos, color screen, etc.). It’s “just a cordless phone”, but the fact that it has a mini-USB port on the side, talking Caller ID, and came with a driver CD makes me love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Expect more detail on it soon.

The other big gadget news was that I replaced my Creative Zen Micro 5GB (the one with the faulty headphone jack) with a 20 GB iPod Color. I got it all set up, synced over my podcasts and photos, etc., but when I pulled it from the dock this morning, it rebooted, and now won’t boot past the “Folder with an Exclamation Point” screen, admonishing me to visit Alas, I’ve been fighting with it all morning, following all of Apple’s recommendations (restoring the firmware, etc.). Windows and iTunes recognize it just fine, and will copy stuff over to it. But as soon as I disconnect it, it reboots and won’t go past that error screen.

Gah! Is there anything worse than having a new gadget, and not being able to use it?

I don’t know what I’ll do next. The Apple Support forums seem to indicate this is a fairly common problem. I bought it at CompUSA, and I bet they’d replace it if I fought for it hard enough, but I’m not 100% sure a replacement will help, especially since it works fine in iTunes, and multiple restores of the iPod OS haven’t helped. I’m also considering a trip to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, but I’m a little skeptical that they can help, either, especially since I’m a Windows user.

Expect updates to this saga, as well as some photos (and maybe some video) as soon as I can get everything working. Any good gadget karma or wishes you could send my way would be appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Weekend Gadget Saga

  1. Anonymous says:

    it sounds like the battery or the HD is faulty. you could call the support number to confirm, but I would make CompUSA replace it. Both my husband and I have iPods & windows, and we do not have that problem.

  2. Bill-in-Germany says:

    You might also try using a firewire cable instead of USB2 – if that doesn’t work, I agree with the previous poster – have CompUSA replace it!

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