What’s It Got In Its Pocketses, Precious?

Quick inventory of the gadgets I’m carrying right now (and pretty much every day), and what I use them for. This is what I call my “standard loadout”:

  • Dell Axim X50V Pocket PC – eBooks, TV shows, Rocketboom, Channel 9 videos, WiFi browsing, Skype, blogging, etc.
  • Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile Smartphone – Communications. Voice, email, MSN IM, Bloglines Mobile, random Google searches, etc. I’m playing with the Smartphone version of WeatherBug, and the really live weather data is extremely cool.
  • Jabra BT250 Bluetooth Headset – paired to my Smartphone.
  • Creative Zen Micro iPod Shuffle – Podcasts. I’m sporting the Shuffle until I can replace the Zen Micro and its defective headphone jack.
  • Sony MDR-EX71 headphones. The insulation has almost completely fallen off, and people point that out to me all the time. Great opportunity to tell them that this is the third pair of these to do this to me, and warn them off of this model of Sony headphones.
  • Nikon Coolpix 5600 – Photos. 5 MP, tiny, great features. Goes with me everywhere.
  • SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 512 MB USB flash drive – got to put my keys on something. Random storage and utilities like Portable Firefox, etc. Feels pretty much indestructable.
  • Fossil Abacus MSN Direct Smart Watch – News alerts, stocks, etc. If I’m going to wear a watch, it had better do more that just tell the time. πŸ˜‰
  • Leatherman Wave multitool. Obstensably for working on computers, or whatever else comes up, but to be honest, I mostly use the knife on it to open UPS/FedEx/USPS packages. πŸ™‚

Besides my wallet and a handkerchief, that’s pretty much what’s on me at any given time. Livin’ the mobile geek lifestyle – please, just don’t mug me! πŸ˜‰

What’s your “standard loadout”? Do you travel light, or armed to the teeth, ready for anything? Post a comment and let us know.


7 thoughts on “What’s It Got In Its Pocketses, Precious?

  1. ryanknapper says:

    In what do you carry these toys? During the colder months I had (must replace) a wonderful coat with a plethora of pockets which held as many toys as I could bare the weight of.
    Now that it is hotter I am forced to carry far fewer than I would like and even fewer if I don’t have a pocket on my shirt.
    If only the ScottEVest clothing wasn’t so gorram expensive…

  2. Two words:

    Cargo Pants. πŸ™‚

    Pocket PC and Camera in each “cargo” pocket, Smartphone and Leatherman on my belt, and the Shuffle around my neck.

    I have a ScottEVest, but it’s too hot to wear it around most of the year.

    Good question, though. How does everyone else carry their gadgets? I’ll have to do a seperate post on that, methinks.

  3. Ok. where do we start!
    – o2 XDA2s (HTC BlueAngel): main phone, pda, crap camera, mp3 player etc. 512mb SD card
    – iMate Smartphone 2: Backup phone, just in case… Also 128mb memory
    – Dell Inspiron 510m: Main windows laptop
    – Apple PowerBook G4: Main Apple laptop (used for photos and stuff)
    – FujiFilm FinePix A310: Main 3Mpixel camera. 128mb XD memory.
    – Headphones for the Phone: O2 standard ones.
    – Headphones for the laptops: Creative labs ones, a little battered.

    I have a few things i need to get including a new set of headphones for the laptops and phone, a bluetooth GPS device, probably a dedicated MP3 player (the zen micro looks nice) and maybe a tablet. πŸ™‚

  4. Lately I have been carrying this:

    *Treo 650 w/ 1G SD Card (replaced my old Nokia 6800 and Handspring Visor Prism)Sometimes replaces my iPod as well. Communication / organization / music / podcasts.

    *40G iPod 4th Generation. Music / Podcasts / Data Transport.

    *Media Gear card reader. To load music / podcasts on the Treo’s SD card.

    *Body Glove wired headset for the Treo

    *USB Sync Cable for Treo 650

    *Chatterbox Tandempro HJC-50 Helmet Intercom with cell phone cable. This enables me to listen to music/podcasts and receive calls while riding my motorcycle.

    *Vertex VX-150 2 meter 5 watt hand held HAM radio. I use this for checking into the emergency communications net each day at work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Abacus Wrist PDA, BlackBerry 7100v, coins, and a COLT folding-knife = minimum requirements for surving! πŸ˜‰

    Everything else is stored in my Mandardinaduck bags, like: Moto E1000, iPod Shuffle, and Palm Zire72. Always in my bags: books, Financial Times, magazines, Moleskine, plastic money, etc.

    – Lo

  6. I am only a moderate gadget person compared to most of you guys

    Sony Ericsson P910i – handwriting recognition touchscreen Smartphone – for emailing/mobile blogging (newbie)/calls/web surfing on the run via GPRS

    Sony NH1 Minidisc – listen to/record podcasts/occasional data storage

    128Mb memory stick/player – backup podcast storage/data storage

    Aiwa 1.5Gb hard drive – alternative data storage/mp3 device

    Old Samsung VM7000 laptop – minimal specs though I run XP Pro for work purposes

  7. I forgot my Sony Ericsson HBH-300 long boom bluetooth headset – for Skype with my laptop and bluetooth dongle and with my phone.

    One thing I forgot to bring up was, how do you cope with cabling?

    My minidisc has a cable that is long and catches on so many things, my Aiwa Hard Drive even more so. (The cable seems to be coated in something matt that grips things it brushes).

    I am looking at wearing a fishing vest I have with loads of pockets but I always have main storage covered, I’ve even got the minidisc case to feed cable from the case, but I still end in a whirl of leads.

    I would go with bluetooth as my listening device when it comes to podcasts but don’t want to run my phone battery down (cautious despite my USB charging lead, car charger and mains charger).

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