Announcing the PortlandPodcasting Wiki

PortlandPodcasting – TinyScreenfulsWiki

For quite a while now, we of the Portland Podcasting group have been talking about the need for a good place/way to put documentation, howtos, and demos where we can all find and share it. Wikis are perfect for that, and a few days ago, I finally got around to installing one. You can find the page I created for the Portland Podcasting group at the link above.

If you don’t know about wikis, they’re basically sites that anyone can edit or add to. Great for collaboration. Go to a page and click Edit to make a change or addition. Want to create a new page? Create a link to it from an existing page, then follow the link, and you’ll be prompted to edit/create the new page.

Anyway, this is all new territory, so there may be bumps. The wiki software I’m using is MediaWiki, which is the same wiki that powers the famous Wikipedia. It’s very powerful and full featured, but there’s a bit of a learning curve. Drop me a line if you need help figuring it out or posting something to it.

Now that we have a wiki, go forth and populate it! Questions, answers, links, howtos, whatever. It’s your resource – use it well! 🙂

I’ll be putting some content, and probably a whole lot of other stuff, on the wiki as time goes by. I find I’m thinking about the wiki as my own gigantic brain dump and scratch pad that just so happens to be accessible and editably by everyone on the Internet.