Disposable Sub-$30 Digital Camcorder Hacked

MAKE: Blog: CVS camcorder usably hacked!

CVS, a drugstore chain on the east coast, has been selling a “reusable” digital camcorder for less than $30. Of course, you have to pay another chunk of change to get the video “developed”, and then another $15 bucks or so to get a DVD of what you captured.

Until now.

Phillip Torrone interviewed disposable camera hacking guru John Maushammer on MAKE Audio a while back, and at the time, he had a way to get the video files off of the camcorder, but it involved de-soldering the flash memory chips and reading their contents (QVGA DivX-encoded video files). Now comes word that he’s managed to enable USB access to the video files. Sweet! Maushammer says that he’s working on enabling USB Mass Storage usage, meaning the camera would just show up as a removable USB drive, from which you could pluck your digital video files.

Rachel and I are going on vacation to Washington D.C. in October, and since I’m such a geek, and I know there’s a CVS just down the street from where we’re staying, I was already planning on picking one of these up. Now I’ll definitely have to get one – I just hope that the manufacturer doesn’t do something drastic like pull them from the shelves or something when they find out about this hack.


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