New Project I’m Starting – Blogging Academy

I’ve started a blog for a new project I’m working on. It’s called Blogging Academy. I’ve found myself more and more frequently evangelizing the usefulness and “that rocks!” factor of blogging and podcasting. I’ve already prodded and helped friends and family into blogging, with great results. I’ve started conducting informal Blogging Academy “brown bag” sessions every week at work, which I’m recording and intend to make available as podcasts.

I wanted to have a place I could send people who ask “where do I start?” after I pique their interest with one of my excited, breathless speeches about how cool/useful/powerful blogging is. I want to make that place. I make no assumptions about how much or little someone may already know about blogs, blogging, and podcasting, so hopefully I won’t scare off anyone who’s interested in learning more. I want this to be the place to start, no matter what your knowledge level.

I’ve posted an introduction and “manifesto”, explaining the purpose of the site, and I’m working on getting the audio of today’s brown bag session posted as a podcast there. Check it out, and hopefully you’ll find it a useful resource.

As always, let me know what you think!