All of my sites, including this one, were down for a few hours this afternoon. I called my web host, 1&1 Internet, and they said that “there was maintenance on my server, and it is rebooting”. I asked if they knew when I could expect my sites to be back, since it had already been a couple of hours, and they would only say “it’s rebooting”. An hour or so later, everything seemed to have come back up OK. I also asked if there was any way I could get some kind of notification when something like this happens, but alas, they couldn’t offer any help.

Sorry for the unexpected downtime – hope everything’s back to normal now!


3 thoughts on “Outage

  1. I’ve been looking into other hosting providers for a while now, but not very seriously. (DNS transitions are never fun.) My current host, Page-Zone, is great about 98% of the time. It’s the 2% that my server is down for 6-12 hours straight or that some process crashes on the server which locks my mailbox for an hour or so that is really irritating to me. I’ve had help desk tickets closed after a number of days without so much as a response and without the issue being addressed.

    I don’t expect 100% uptime; that’s just unrealistic. “My” server has experienced three hard drive failures in less than two years, and recovering from each failure is at least a 12 hour process. (Not an exaggeration.) Totally unacceptable. Page-Zone apparently does not believe in redundancy of any kind. (Nor in drive images, pre-loaded spare drives, etc.)

    Overall how would you rate 1&1? I have almost vowed not to go with them based solely on the fact that they littered five Maximum PC issues with obnoxious 16-page ads, but if the service is right, I might overlook that.

  2. I’ve been with them for almost three years now, and honestly, this is the first problem I’ve ever had.

    I signed up on their “3 years free” promotion. One of the big features I love is cheap domain registration – $5.00/year for all TLDs. Nice.

    I figured I’d do some real research and settle on a pay provider once my 3 years was up. 1and1 offered me their “Premiere Developer” package (1000MB, 100GB/month, 3 MySQL databases, 5 included domain registrations, etc.) for half price – $10 instead of $20. $10/month was at about the upper limit of what I wanted to pay, and the fact that I could get included domains, way more bandwith than I’ll use (I was using about 7GB of my 5GB monthly allocation), and being able to avoid any hassles from migrating to a new provider was worth it. So, that’s the plan I’m on.

    Overall, their prices are great (excess bandwidth is only $0.49/GB), you get tons of features, and pretty good reliability. I’d recommend them.

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