Podcasting Presentation at the Oregonian Newspaper

I got back a little while ago from a presentation I was asked to do on podcasting for The Oregonian – the biggest newspaper in Oregon. Mike Francis, the paper’s military/international reporter (did I get that right, Mike?) came to the last Portland Podcasting meetup, where I did a demo of how I record and publish TinyPodcast. He emailed me a few days later, asking if I’d be interested in coming down and delivering the same demo to The Oregonian, and after a millisecond or two of consideration, I agreed. 🙂

Mike and the folks at the Oregonian were great – gracious, smart, and interested in podcasting, and how they can dive into this new medium. I talked for about 30 minutes, about the basics of podcasting, and answered the excellent questions that came from the group (there were probably 25-30 people in the conference room). Then, I spent the rest of the time doing the demo – recording and posting a short episode of TinyPodcast. Afterwards, Mike gave me a tour around the newsroom, which I caught on video, and will be posting soon.

I want to thank Mike for a great time and a great opportunity. Let’s stay in touch – I’m more than happy to help or answer any questions. I love this stuff! Can’t wait to see what kind of podcasts start appearing out of the folks who attended.


One thought on “Podcasting Presentation at the Oregonian Newspaper

  1. Mike F. says:

    Thanks again, Josh. Your presentation generated a good buzz, and people really appreciated your ability to communicate geek to a lay audience. Hope we can be early adopters, too.

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