TinyPodcast Video Edition – Gnomedex 5.0

I finally got around to putting up the video clips I shot at Gnomedex 5.0. You can download the video directly (50 MB, about 14 minutes), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast Video Edition feed in a video-capable aggregator like FireANT or iPodder Lemon. Here’s the page for the video.

Some selections of video from the Gnomedex 5.0 conference in Seattle, WA June 23-25, 2005. Includes intro from Chris Pirillo of, clips from Dave Winer’s opening song and OPML editor keynote, Phillip Torrone’s gadget demos, and clips from the Gillmor Gang.

Consider this a teaser/trailer, because I didn’t capture any of the sessions in their entirety. Full video and audio of all the sessions will be made available soon (Jake and Chris are working on it!), so I didn’t bother taking tons of video. But I think this is a nice sampling of what went on.

Hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think!