US Version of the PSP 2.0 Firmware (Finally) Available

PSP 2.0 US is now available for download – Topic Ars OpenForum

After long delays, Sony has finally released the 2.0 PSP firmware for the U.S. (the one that adds the web browser and some other tweaks).

I’ve been running the Japanese version since it came out (which works perfectly, and is fully in English), but I thought I’d apply the U.S. 2.0 update, just to be official.

Turns out that my PSP won’t accept the U.S. update, because it says I’m already at version 2.00. I guess I really shouldn’t care, though, because apparently the US and Japan versions of the EBOOT.PSP update file are identical, according to binary and MD5 hash comparisons.

So my question is, what the heck took Sony so long to release this in the U.S. if it’s the exact same freaking update that they released in Japan (and Korea) weeks and weeks ago?!


Oh, Sony. I have such a love/hate relationship with that company…