“130” Podcasts Available from NPR, Probably None of the Ones You Want

NPR : Podcast Directory

We’ve known that NPR was going to get into podcasting for a while, and the directory of their shows available via podcast is finally available. Go have a look – 130 podcasts are listed.

I’m off to start browsing and subscribing to my favorite shows. I’m already backlogged with the shows I’m currently subscribed to – there are too many great podcasts out there to keep up!

EDIT: What a rip. None of the NPR shows I care about (All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, etc.) are available as podcasts. Guess NPR is still too closely wedded to Audible to make the good stuff available by podcast…

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4 thoughts on ““130” Podcasts Available from NPR, Probably None of the Ones You Want

  1. Anonymous says:

    Prairie Home Companion is actually Minnesota Public Radio, so you’re not going to get that from NPR unless they make a deal with MPR.

    As for the lack of ME and ATC, note the Story of the Day and the Most Emailed Stories podcasts. These are selections from ME, ATC, Day To Day, etc. \
    As for Car Talk, it has a deal with Audible, which is the main reason you don’t see that. Same reason you don’t see This American Life. Of course, one could use Audio Hijack to record these from web streams and “make your own podcast”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    First of all, NPR’s main shows are no longer available at Audible, so that isn’t the reason.

    Their “Most Emailed Stories” podcast is right up my alley. I’d like a condensed best-of of all their news shows. I don’t have a free four hours to listen to them. The only problem is that there’s way too much overlap between days with many of the same segments appearing more than one day. They need to have it so it’s the most emailed stories that didn’t appear on yesterday’s podcast.

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