Bloglines Mobile on the i-mate JASJAR

Here’s a shot of my most frequently visited web page on the JASJAR – Bloglines Mobile.

Fullscreen mode in Pocket IE eliminates the taskbar and address bar, and the menu bar at the bottom, really taking advantage of the 640×480 VGA resolution of the screen.

I find that width has more impact on the browsing experience than height. We expect to scroll vertically when we read – we’re used to it. But horizontal scrolling kills the surfing experience fast.

In landscape orientation, at the smallest “zoom” level (how text size is controlled in Pocket IE), web surfing is a pleasure on this device. You get 640 pixels of horizontal resolution, compared to 240 pixels on a non-VGA device in portrait orientation (or even skimpier 172 pixels on a Smartphone). Even the Treo 650 only provides 320 pixels of width.

VGA screen in landscape mode = Best. Windows Mobile Web Surfing. Evar. 🙂