Dell Axim X50V and i-mate JASJAR

Dell Axim X50V and i-mate JASJAR
Originally uploaded by JoshB.

Some comparison shots between my Dell Axim X50V and my new i-mate JASJAR/HTC Universal. The screens are both VGA, though the Dell’s is slightly larger.

I’m still looking for a “true VGA” hack/application that works on Windows Mobile 5. Apparently, the existing VGA hacks are not compatible with WM5. For those that don’t know, on VGA Window Mobile devices, the OS doubles the pixels, to keep things from being too small. For those of us that don’t mind making things tiny in exchange for four times the screen real estate, working in full VGA mode is a nice option.

If you look at the full size version of this photo, you can see the difference. The X50V is running in hacked full VGA mode, while the JASJAR is in normal Windows Mobile VGA mode.