Got the JASJAR – What a day at PDC!

Picked up my imate JASJAR (HTC Universal) today at noon. I was order number 2 – I couldn’t find who order number one was, but if I do, I want to ask him how he beat me. 🙂

I hardly slept last night, knowing that the link was going to appear some time this morning. I woke up at about 4:30 AM, and couldn’t go back to sleep. During Bill Gates’s and Jim Allchin’s keynote, I was maniacally refreshing the PDC page, looking for the link to appear. As soon as it did, I bolted out into the lobby, to use one of the PCs there to place my order (too many people on the WLAN made it very unreliable).

My pickup time was noon. I headed over to the Mobile Planet booth at about 11:30, and to my surprise, one of my Geek Idols, Dale Coffing was there, demoing the JarJar (I can’t help but call it that – who the heck picked that name?!). I hung out with him for a while, chatting, taking photos, and telling him my story of getting order number two. He was interviewed by the PDC video crew, and afterward, they wanted to interview me! So, if you see that video (I don’t think it was the Channel 9 crew doing it), let me know, so I can download it for posterity.

Speaking of video, the Bill Gates/Napoleon Dynamite spoof during the keynote was hee-larious! I’ve GOT to find a download link for a good quality version of that. If you find one, post it or email me.

I’ve spent tonight setting up the JarJar, and playing with it. WiFi works beautifully. GPRS works as expected. I’m having some trouble getting ActiveSync to work over USB, but it’s working over Bluetooth. I just don’t want to install a bunch of apps over the slower Bluetooth connection.

The camera is impressive. The main camera, I should say, since it has two. You can crank the resolution all the way up to “2MP” (1600×1280). Impressive. Haven’t played with the video capabilities yet.

Not quite sure how “Persistent Storage” works in Windows Mobile 5, other than it preserves your databases and info in Flash ROM, so it will survive a hard reset or complete power loss. But it seems to make the 128MB Flash ROM inaccessible as a built-in File Store. I’m used to having a bunch of space in flash to install apps. On my Dell, most used apps go in RAM, lesser used apps go into flash, and data/media/files go on the SD card. Going to have to reshuffle how that works now, I guess.

WM5 is awesome. The whole OS is navigable using the keyboard/D-pad and the soft menu keys. It’s nice to not have to interact with the screen unless I want to. The keyboard is great – almost a little too wide. I find my thumbs stretching a bit to reach some of the keys.

Anyway, today was a huge busy day for me. I have a ton of photos to process and post, and I want to catch up on my feeds. I told myself I was going to do that tonight in my room while I worked on setting up the JarJar, but, well, it didn’t work out that way. 😉

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12 thoughts on “Got the JASJAR – What a day at PDC!

  1. Michael says:

    very nice you got one but i think this was a big mistake of microsoft. a lot of people did not know it would be there.. and in the keynote jim said there is no need to rush out etc… everyone who watched the whole keynote did not even have a chance to get one. it was finished by 12:10 and by then it was already posted on the announce boards sold out. they are rewarding the people who ran out of the keynote.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. I feel like those of us who were told to wait and did, got totally screwed over by Allchin. How did you find out about this ahead of time? Microsoft should make this right this week. They should work with the vendor to provide some type of recourse for this. Instead there was just a short, inane response: Enjoy the rest of the PDC.

  3. Michael says:

    i whent past the booth today where you had to pick them up and the guy told us that they probably don;t even have enough for the people who orderd them…

  4. Josh, I am SOOOO jealous!! Man, picking up a JarJar for $150 is awesome. I can’t wait to hear more about it from you.

    I really want to know how well integrated the keyboard is into the OS. Have you ever used a Treo 650? I wonder how the keyboard implementation compares with Windows Mobile 5.0 and would be interested in reading your thoughts on this functionality.

    Enjoy the rest of the conference.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You need ActiveSync 4.0 to link up with the JASJAR via your USB cable. That’s only way I’ve been able to sync up with it since I got it in May or June. Avoid ActiveSync 4.1 though. It’s still buggy and posing problems.

  6. Although I’m someone who rushed out on the keynote also (it was the keynote, not the pda that drove me out). I tried to get one fairly shortly after I got out and didn’t have any luck.

    It was an account problem and not a lack of devices. I finally did get online around 1:30PM – well after the keynote – and manged to get one!!! When Michael said he didn’t have a chance I think it means he didn’t try…

    I have one, love it, and now have to make the hard choice of switching cell providers.

  7. As far as running out on the keynote, lots of people were going in and out by that point. I had to pee by then, anyway, so I would have gotten up and left, regardless. I also went back in, to watch the rest of the keynote.

    As far as ActiveSync over USB problems, I am running AS 4.0. I still have problems with USB – the green tray icon spins, like it’s trying to connect, but the ActiveSync app window says “Not Connected”. Frustrating, but not a deal killer, since Bluetooth Sync still works.

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