i-mate JASJAR as mini laptop

i-mate JASJAR as mini laptop
Originally uploaded by JoshB.

The JarJar/HTC Universal is a unique form factor among mobile devices. It mimics a “convertible” tablet PC, in that you can flip it open and use it like a baby laptop, or spin the screen around and use it like a traditional Pocket PC.

I find myself most often using it in “mini laptop” mode. If it’s in my hands, I fold the screen all the way back (there’s a detent that holds it at about 170 degrees), and it’s like a wide Blackberry/Treo with a gorgeous landscape VGA screen.

On my desk, I usually leave it open like it’s pictured here – where I can glance at it if needed. No cradle or stand necessary, which is nice.

The only time I really use it in slate/portrait/traditional mode is when I’m reading an ebook. When I’m reading, I only use one hand, and I’m holding it for long period of time, and using it in slate mode is much more comfortable (especially since I’m often laying on my side in bed while I’m reading).


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