iTunes 5 Destroying Podcast Subscription LIsts?

I’ll post some more on the new iTunes version 5 after I’ve had a chance to play with it some more, but I’ve already noticed a disturbing trend. At least two people I know (Jason of the Delta Park Project podcast and Tim Germer over at Northwest Noise) have reported that it wiped out their list of podcast subscriptions, so beware.

Is this a Mac only problem? Jason and Tim are both Mac guys. Has anyone run into problems on Windows? Makes me afraid to upgrade my main podcast catching machine, though I’ve installed it on two other Windows laptops with no problems.

What’s the real scoop, here?


18 thoughts on “iTunes 5 Destroying Podcast Subscription LIsts?

  1. That’s a good sign, at least. I guess I could just take the plunge and upgrade my machine, and hope for the best. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I’ve got my subscription list backed up (mirrored in Bloglines), but I’d hate to have to manually recreate the list and re-download all those podcasts. I’ve got backlogs of stuff like IT Conversations going back months that I’d still like to listen to someday… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just upgraded after it came out and lost all my feeds in the podcast drawer, about 50 of them. Luckly i had a back up text list of all the feeds i had, phew. Somehow when upgrading it broke my iTunes library and in the music folder it shows up as iTunes Library (Damaged). I just chucked it since it replaced it in the folder and re-added my feeds in.

    Not a huge deal for me but it would kill others.


  3. And again.

    I just opened iTunes to check my feeds and stuff that i added in yesturday. It popped up a small box saying it was looking for the iTunes Music Library.xml same as it did after the upgrade. Once again it killed my podcast feeds and left me with a iTunes Library (Damaged) file. I think Apple needs a patch here as some of my friends are having the same problem.

    Anyone with Tiger having this problem?

  4. Yeah, iTunes 5 killed all my podcast subscriptions. Also said my library was damaged, but my music does show up. Also damaged some of my smart playlists. Upgrade at your own risk! (This is on PC, Win2k, upgraded from iTunes 4.9)

  5. Itunes 5 totally messed me up. First it did not recognize my library, then my podcast list was blown away, then after reloading the list it hung and when restarted my new podcast list was blown again. Now after relaoding the library to the ipod (8hrs after the few error -69s, and reloading my list again it seems ok although if i tell it to load my calander from outlook it crashes. This is one giant step back!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Installed it on my pc and lost all my downloaded podcasts, it just kept the lists of the ones I haven’t downloaded. The files are still there in the itunes folder, just cant play them through the podcast source list!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you have lost you downloaded podcast lists when installed itunes 5 you simply have to tell it where they are. so goto file and add folder to library. Select mymusic, itunes, itunes music, podcasts. Let it import them and suddenly all downloaded podcasts reappear with the blue circle next to them

  8. Anonymous says:

    I use itunes on both PC and Mac. I upgraded both platforms and the upgrade wiped out all my Podcasts. At least Apple doesn’t discriminate. This is a BAD update from Apple.

  9. Anonymous says:

    iTunes erased my library also – I had to go into “Previous iTunes Libraries” and rename an older one – I guess the installer installs a blank Library (BAD)!. Is anyone having problems uploading to your iPod? Every time I connect it freezes my whole computer and messes up the iPod – I keep having to restore it but the probkem re-occurs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My mini just sh@t itself and wont even hard reboot. iTunes 5.01 and iPod software 1.04. XP pro, sp2. Worked fine before the upgrades,

  11. Troy says:

    I’m running iTunes7 on Vista and it seems like iTunes wants to update every week. And as a result I have been losing my subscriptions. Very frustrating!!! I think I’ll skip the upgrades from now on until I can see that they’ve fixed this issue.

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