iTunes for Windows Mobile – Fake or Not?

Pocket PC Thoughts – iTunes for Windows Mobile?

The gadget blogosphere is all a-twitter about some photos posted by a blogger purporting to show a version of Apple’s iTunes running on a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC.

The shot looks pretty convincing – unlike a lot of the MP3 player apps that have been written to try to look like the iTunes interface. The menus and functionality all seem to be there, including subscribing to and syncing podcasts (which has to take forever over GPRS, but would be sweet over EVDO). They’re actual photos, rather than screenshots, which would be a lot easier to fake. Of course, that doesn’t mean someone didn’t whip up some fake screenshots, display them on their Pocket PC, and take a photo of that.

So what do you think? Fake or real? I’m leaning toward fake, because I can’t think of a single good reason Apple would release iTunes for Windows Mobile. Their biggest competition in the music player market is Microsoft’s array of parters with their Plays for Sure devices, like the Creative Zen, and Windows Mobile devices with Windows Media Player. Could this be an attempt to subvert the enemy by outdoing WMP?

Again, I think this is fake, but if it’s real, I’ll be first in line to download it and install it. I love the iTunes UI experience, and this looks like a dead-on translation. I guess time will tell!


3 thoughts on “iTunes for Windows Mobile – Fake or Not?

  1. Mike says:

    Fake! You can tell from the bad design. I don’t see apple leaving a search widget that takes only 1/3 of a toolbar pane that has no other reason to exist.

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