Lost/Wanted: IBM Thinkpad Laptop AC Adapter

I did a stupid thing. I was packing up from where I was working in one of the main areas at the convention center, and having a conversation at the same time. That caused me to completely forget to grab the power brick for my laptop. Oops.

I didn’t figure it out until I got back to my hotel room. So, I hopped on the shuttle back to the convention center, hoping it might be where I left it. It wasn’t. I spent the next hour running all over, looking to see if anyone had turned on in to a lost and found. No dice. I hate think that someone walked off with it, but…

Staples down the street was closed, so I can’t do anything about getting a new one until tomorrow. I’ve got about 50% battery right now, and I want to conserve so I can do some blogging at tomorrow’s keynote.

Anyway, if you’re at PDC, and you come across an IBM power brick for a Thinkpad, or have a compatible spare I could borrow, give me a call (503-810-5365) or email me ( Thanks in advance!

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