Outlook Consuming Calendar Info via RSS

Amar Ghandi showed off how Outlook could be made to consume calendar information via an RSS feed, using some glue code and extensions to the RSS namespace. The example shown is the session list for PDC05, which was made available in RSS form the Commnet site (though I don’t think anyone but Amar had an app that could make any sense of it ;-).


4 thoughts on “Outlook Consuming Calendar Info via RSS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Was there ever a mention of the iCal format in comparison to calendar-extended RSS?

    Why extend RSS when there’s already a standard for sharing calendar data?

  2. I think iCal was mentioned, but I’ll have to wait until the session video DVD comes out to be sure.

    Also, iCal files would have to be delivered as enclosures, where the extended RSS data you’re seeing here went straight into Outlook, with all the appointment metadata right in the (extended) RSS feed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t Outlook support iCal as well? Mozilla Sunbird supports it, Apples iCal supports it. If you have a shared calendar, just add it into your app, and bam, you have all the details.

    Doing it through RSS is cool and all but it strikes a bit of “reinventing the wheel”.

  4. That’s a good question – I’d love to see iCal support in Outlook.

    This was a presentation about some of the cool things that you’ll be able to do with RSS in Windows Vista, and I think the calendar stuff was just an example of the Microsoft extensions to RSS. Not saying it’s the best way to do it, but just showing that it can be done.

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