PDC Scoop: Attendees Can Buy an i-mate JASJAR (HTC Universal) for $149

The announcement hasn’t been made yet, but the link is active on the internal Commnet page for PDC attendees. It’s a promo for developers (PDC attendees) to buy the first Windows Mobile 5 device, the i-mate JASJAR (also known as the HTC Universal) for $149 plus tax.

This thing goes for $1200 in the UK, and it isn’t even available from anyone but an importer in the U.S. But lucky PDC05 attendees can get one for an incredible deal. The first 400 people that order will also get a Bluetooth headset for $9.95.

This is the king of Pocket PC Phone Devices, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. We have to pre-order on the internal site, to reserve one, and then set up a time to pick it up at the Mobile Planet booth on the trade show floor. Mine is at noon (in 1.5) hours – I can’t hardly wait!

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5 thoughts on “PDC Scoop: Attendees Can Buy an i-mate JASJAR (HTC Universal) for $149

  1. So how many will you be buying?
    (and more to the point – how much will you be selling them for??!!)
    P.S. I’ll put my name down for one! Bit of a trek for me to attend from the UK but it would be worth the air tickets to come I guess.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Do share with us you first comments. The size, the keyboard and the swivel screen etc.

    Kris (

  3. Matt Davis says:

    Picked mine up next to Josh in line… I love it! It’s heavy, but I imagine I’ll be using the bluetooth headset most of the time anyway. The swivel screen is great- the whole device feels very “substantial”. The keyboard is decent- well sized keys, and the tactile feedback is good. I don’t want to steal Josh’s thunder on what I’m sure will be a complete review. I wouldn’t have paid $1000+ for it, but $150 is a no-brainer!

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