PDC Update: Hanging Out in the Channel 9 Lounge

One of the cool things about PDC is the lounges all over the place. Community lounges, track lounges (dedicated to the various session tracks, like Presentation, Data and Systems, etc.). The coolest one, by far, is the Channel 9 Community Lounge. Why?

Bean bag chairs. That look like the Channel 9 Guy.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or what Channel 9 is, go visit their site.

The lounge is full of bean bag chairs shaped like the 9 Guy’s head, complete with the four yellow prong things. And two life size 9 Guys greet you when you show up. There’s a whiteboard to leave a message saying you were there, and yellow and white Microsoft branded hula hoops to play around with, and let off a little steam.

My brain was ready to explode this afternoon after spending a few hours in the precon “Art of Secure Code” session (not to mention the power outage incident – seems some power company employee accidentally cut a line at a substation). I needed a break, so I headed for the C9 Lounge. While I was there, about 30 Microsoft employees descended on the lounge for a meeting. I just stayed put on the couch, and no one asked me to leave. They talked about the 2 demos and presentations that they can’t mention for the next 2 days, until they’re announced, made some other plans, and then took a group picture. I just stayed where I was, with my big “Get Firefox” sticker on my laptop lid clearly visible in the photo. Oh, and I’m wearing my red “Creative Communist/Copyleft” t-shirt, too. 🙂

I’ve taken lots of photos, but in an effort to leave as much weight as I can in my hotel room, I left my SD card reader there, too, so I can’t post them until later. But they’ll be up on Flickr, tagged with PDC05, so keep an eye on that page, or better yet, subscribe to the page’s feed to get new photos as they appear.

Tomorrow’s the big day for announcements, etc. Can’t wait to see what BillG and Jim Alchin have to say! 🙂

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