PDC05 Day 1: This Thing is HUGE

Wow. I knew this was going to be a big event, but I completely underestimated the scale. The LA Convention Center is the largest building I’ve ever been in. It takes 16 minutes to walk from one end to the other (I know, because I parked on the wrong end). And even though today was only the “PreCon”, there were well over a thousand people here, by my guess.

I brought way too much stuff – my bag was way too heavy for as much walking as there is. And we got our swag bag/t-shirt today, too, so that was even more stuff to carry. I’ll be packing much lighter the rest of the week.

Today I went to the Windows Internals session with Mark Russinovich of SysInternals, and Dave Solomon. Man, they known more about the guts of Windows than anyone I’ve ever heard. Unbelieveable, and they went full throttle all day. I could feel my brain stretching to try to keep up. Hopefully something sunk in.

Photos of the event are being tagged on Flickr with PDC05. Some interesting ones showing up already, especially from Jeff Sandquist (Microsoft Evangelist), and I’ll be adding mine at some point.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything that’s interesting from the geeky/gadget perspective – can’t wait to see the Channel 9 bean bag lounge, and any new Windows Mobile hardware that they might be showing.

Everyone’s expecting a big announcement from BillG during the keynote on Tuesday. Vista Beta 2? Office 12 Beta? Who knows, but with over 1000 bloggers here, you can be sure it will be all over the blogosphere as soon as any announcement is made.

I’ll try to keep up. 😉


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