PDC05: Some People Have No Idea What PDC Is

Windows Mobile Team Blog : Get a Windows Mobile 5 device at PDC

Funny post over on the Windows Mobile team blog. They posted about the i-mate JASJAR deal, and how it sold out so quickly. The comments section of that post then proceeded to fill up with DOZENS of posts by people saying “I’d like to attend, and get this device. Please sign me up. Here’s my email.”

I don’t know if it’s sad or funny that so many people don’t know what PDC even is (of the fact that it’s going on RIGHT NOW, and was sold out weeks ago), but they think that they can post their email address and magically get signed up.

The original post had nothing about signing up for PDC or posting to order the device. But one clueless-but-hopeful person posted asking to do so, and the rest came out of the woodwork. They finally had to shut off comments on that post.

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