Picked up a Samsung i730 with Verizon EVDO

I’ll post more later, but I’m busy playing with getting acclimated to my new Samsung i730 Pocket PC phone. The reason I switched to Verizon? EVDO. I did some bandwidth tests in various locations today, and was getting from 300-800 Kbps. Sweet! Browsing is incredibly fast, especially with Bloglines Mobile, which is where I do 90% of my browsing. It feels faster than WiFi, even – probably less latency. Apps and system functions are really fast, too – faster than my i-mate JasJar (with which I have to figure out what I’m going to do now).

Anyway, lots more later, as I put it through its paces. Short take so far: I’m in LOVE! Brian and I are going to record a podcast in a bit, and you can bet we’ll talk about this new device.


2 thoughts on “Picked up a Samsung i730 with Verizon EVDO

  1. Awesome! You’re going to love it with the EVDO. One question though: you’re giving up a VGA screen for the EVDO. After you use the i730 for a few days, let us know what you think on the tradeoff! Have fun…

  2. I blame it on you, Josh. Picked one up myself.

    Bought the sync/charger cable that should let me make it a wireless modem. Buddy of mine showed me his (sync cable) and I’m hooked.

    With that I’ll cancel my T-mobile Wifi subscription and be paying that same for a heckofalotfaster.

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