Thickness with Cases: Dell X50V and i-mate JASJAR

Here’s a (blurry) shot of my Dell X50V in it’s awesome Innopocket magnesium case, compared to the stock leather pouch/case that came with the JASJAR.

The case adds a lot of thickness, and doesn’t have a belt-clip, or any way to access the device while inside the case. You have to pull it out and open it up every time you want to access it. Irritating.

Since the JASJAR is a clamshell-like device, and the sensitive bits (screen and keyboard) are protected when it’s closed, I stopped using the included case after 1 day. I just keep the JARJAR in my pocket, in closed mode, and so far, no worries about damage.

Still, I’d love to see a well-designed case or pouch for this device. I don’t think a full-time metal or leather case will work, because of the way the screen hinges and swivels. Perhaps a holster type that lets me carry the device on my belt, without adding too much bulk. And lets me feel vibrating alerts. And doesn’t add too much bulk. And give easy access, with a magnetic clasp. Not too much to ask, right? 😉