Thoughts on the iPod nano

So I’m sure you’re all aware of today’s iPod news – Apple replaced the iPod mini with the new iPod nano – super tiny, thin, looks like a cute little shrunken iPod color/photo. Here are some of my inital thoughts.

I think the iPod shuffle is one of Apple’s most popular recent products. Everyone I know that has one loves it, and everyone I show mine to wants one. My wife uses it at the gym, and says it makes her feel cool. 🙂 The nano is replacing the mini, which was apparently Apple’s most popular model, and I have no doubt that the nano will be the must-have gadget of the season.

If you look on the iPod page, the lineup is pretty much complete from top to bottom:

$99 – 512MB Shuffle
$149 – 1GB Shuffle
$199 – 2GB Nano
$249 – 4GB Nano
$299 – 20GB Color
$399 – 60GB Color

Only thing that’s missing is the super-high-end $499 spot, where the 60GB Photo used to live. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a monster 80GB or 100GB iPod slot in there, but at the same time, who has that much legitimate music? Even with podcasts, I’m sure Apple knows that anyone with that much music is likely a pirate. And as careful and protective as they are of their relationship with the music industry, I’m not sure they’d want to send that message.

At any rate, I predict that the nano will be a huge seller. Evidence: I have 3 iPods already (a 40GB 3G, a 512 MB Shuffle, and a 20GB Color), so I’m the last person in the world that really needs another MP3 player, let alone another iPod. But I have this uncontrolable urge to buy one. It’s just so freaking tiny, and beautiful! I can’t use the “buying it for my wife” excuse again, because she just started using the shuffle. We’ll see how long I can hold out, or if reason finally prevails. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts on the iPod nano

  1. You hold out?? hahahahaha, I give you till next Friday TOPS, but to be honest I expect to see it on Monday. You have an uncomprimising gadget devil sitting on your shoulder. I am still not a huge ipod fan, but I have to admit this is the sexiest I have seen. The product literature at apple seemed devoid of declaring the storage medium. I assume it is flash and not microdrive. I love the move to smaller and smaller. It reminds me of the Foundation series by Assimov.

  2. Sir, you are missing it – you mention an iPod with even more capacity, then mention “legitmate music” and “pirates” but did you forget about photos and data?

    I’d love a 100GB iPod that could hold a ton of music, podcasts, photos (maybe video?) and data. It’s not just an MP3 player, it’s a portable hard drive right?

    Then again, what do I know, I don’t even own an iPod…

  3. Great point about the 100GB iPod. I mean who has $25,000 of iTunes downloads or a CD collection the size of Brazil. I could only fill 100GB with The Simpsons, Friends, and maybe a movie or two…but thats a different issue for Macworld 2006…er…i mean another day.

  4. raster, I’d love an 80 or 100GB iPod, for use as a hard drive, too, but I think Apple values its relationship with the mucky mucks in Hollywood too much. Besides music, what legitimate content would you put on such a large hard drive? Ripped DVDs that you own? Technically illegal, and prove you own every one of them. CD images? For what, pirated software? TV episodes? Got them off that evil BitTorrent network, didn’tcha.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m being the Devil’s Advocate here. I’d love a giant iPod. So would lots of people. And companies like Archos, and maybe even Creative, are willing to give them to us. But I don’t think it will ever come from Apple. Not for a long time, at least, until the music industry has a way to make you pay for filling it up.

  5. This is the most irresistible gadget ever. Sexy as hell. Black 4 gig is the only way to go. You never got a mini, did you Josh? I passed on that too. But I lasted about 2 hours before I bought a nano. This little guy is headed directly for the museum of modern art.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well, I have all my mp3s at 320bits so they sound better when I play them through my home stereo and they take up a lot of space — I’d love a 100gb ipod

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well i personally think a 100gb ipod is around the corner, with the new video feature on the ipod recently released, i think a higher capacity ipod is warrented maby even a 120gb who knows but can’t see it moving in any other direction now in the development of the ipod what else can they do but only increase the storage capacity.. and this new video feature may just warrent it richard uk

  8. Anonymous says:

    Interesting comments from all of you BUT…. no one has considered the audiophiles out there (I class myself as one!) I currently encode everything at 320kbps as I find 128kbps sounds very compressed with poor stereo separation and limited dynamic range, 320 isn’t much better but it’s the best I’ve got at the mo!

    Anyhoo….. I currently have a 40gb pod and it’s full (of legit music I hasten to add) but in an ideal world I would use lossless encoding so 500mb an album, that equates to only 240 average sized albums which is only a third of my current record collection. So 120gb is not that huge at all, I could do with 360gb plus!!!!!


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