TinyScreenfuls Guest Review – iPod nano

TinyScreenfuls pal Nathan Makan, over in Manchester, UK, got his eager little hands on an iPod nano, and has been emailing me all the details. With his permission, I’m posting his experiences so far:

Wooh! I ordered it on Wednesday. It shipped on Thursday. It arrived on Friday.

iPod nano. Well, i am dazzled….by the box. It’s so beautiful, the way you get out a ‘pack’ containing the stuff, unfold the pack, take out the player, open a flap, take out a white bag with the cable, headphones and dock adaptor.

This is one beautifully small iPod. I never expected it to be this small. I love it. I can’t stop smiling at it Josh! Right now, I’m picking some songs to go on it, and loading them via the iPod Photo dock. Yes…thats right, the nano works perfectly with the normal, full size and mini iPod docks. I love the new world clocks and that screen lock ain’t too bad either.

Its temp home is a Sony camera cleaning cloth, as I don’t want to scratch it. I want some nanotubes, but for the next 3 weeks (until the tubes come out in the UK) I will use my cleaning cloth. Although I may try my favourite iPod accessory ever, the TrendyGeek Podshield. It’s a transparent layer that covers the iPod chrome, but if I cut my old one down, it should fit on the nano just perfect. I’ll let you know how that goes.

A bad point: there is a sticker on the back, with text in German and French (no clue to its meaning) but its hard to pick off (yike….fingers) and it leaves a residue. Just a warning.

All in all….a very very happer podder…

Anyone else get their hands on a nano? There’s practically a pool going on here at work as to how long before I crack and get one. The thing is, I’d want a 4GB model, and $249 is awfully close to the $299 I just paid for my 20GB iPod color. And 4GB isn’t enough to hold my subscribed podcasts, the music I want to have with me, and my photos, which all fits on my 20GB model with 8GB to spare.

But the nano is so beautiful! Now you can see why my coworkers think I’ll cave. They might be right…


9 thoughts on “TinyScreenfuls Guest Review – iPod nano

  1. Jimmy Montgomery says:

    Hey! This is Jimmy… a fellow podder with Nathan. We did infact lead the charge at our place of studying…

    Anyway, very nice review. Over & out. Jimmy

  2. D’oh! I’m going to miss out on seeing Anna’s nano – I’ll be in LA next week for Microsoft’s PDC conference.

    Probably for the best – seeing one in person would probably drive me over the edge… 🙂

  3. Matt Davis says:

    I have a black 4G coming in the mail, but I realized I wouldn’t have it in time for my trip to PDC. So I stopped off at the Apple Store this morning and picked up a white 4G (for my wife, yeah- after I burn it in for a week in LA). Gotta say, it rules. I’ve managed to hold off buying any kind of portable music player (besides the shoebox-PC homebrew I built for my car in 1997), but I couldn’t resist this one. The interface seems a little snappier than iPods of the past… Sound quality is great. I’m not going to install iTunes on my PC at work, so I haven’t synced any photos over yet.

    Give me a call if you need to see it in person!

  4. The Apple store in Portland’s Bridgeport Village (god, I hate that mall, but it’s close to work) got the 2G ones early Thursday, but the 4G version was still pending. The Nano is a really sweet piece of technology and I cannot wait for them to release their combination lanyard/headphone accessory. It’s just the right size for a bunch of podcasts and an album or two.

  5. haha. I really do love my nano (as the review states). And i have found a great feature Apple dont tell us about. Podcasts now have little blue dots next to them, if unheard…like in iTunes. Very handy to people like myself who have several Podcasts to get through.

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