Will Apple ever release a giant 80GB or 100GB iPod? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

Some interesting discussion in the comments of my post on the iPod nano, regarding whether or not we’ll ever see an iPod with a hard drive larger than 60 GB. raster says:

Sir, you are missing it – you mention an iPod with even more capacity, then mention “legitmate music” and “pirates” but did you forget about photos and data?

I’d love a 100GB iPod that could hold a ton of music, podcasts, photos (maybe video?) and data. It’s not just an MP3 player, it’s a portable hard drive right?

To which I responded:

I’d love an 80 or 100GB iPod, for use as a hard drive, too, but I think Apple values its relationship with the mucky mucks in Hollywood too much. Besides music, what legitimate content would you put on such a large hard drive? Ripped DVDs that you own? Technically illegal, and prove you own every one of them. CD images? For what, pirated software? TV episodes? Got them off that evil BitTorrent network, didn’tcha.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m being the Devil’s Advocate here. I’d love a giant iPod. So would lots of people. And companies like Archos, and maybe even Creative, are willing to give them to us. But I don’t think it will ever come from Apple. Not for a long time, at least, until the music industry has a way to make you pay for filling it up.

I know there are perfectly legitimate uses for a large (80+ GB) iPod. I also believe that the vast majority of people who could take advantage of such a large capacity would be filling it with stuff that the entertainment industry does NOT want them having. DVD rips, even if you own the DVD, are technically illegal. Very few people legitimately own enough music to take up so much space. And I think that Apple cares too much about what the entertainment industry thinks to make a move like that. Not until Hollywood gets a cut of all that content that you’d put on your iPod Mega (or whatever they call it).

So, what do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Will Apple ever release a giant 80GB or 100GB iPod? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

  1. I think you are spot on – especially given that the ROKR iTunes phone is limited to 100 songs – even though it has a 512MB storage card. So you might fill up your phone with 100 songs and only used 350MBs – and have almost 200MBs of unused space.

    I think there is no way they would release an 80 or 100GB iPod – unless they limited you to a # of songs, and you could only use the other space as an external HDD.

  2. Obviously you know what I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But when the iPod came out it was what, 5 gigs? Who had 5 gigs of (legal) music back then?

    Up to 10, 20, 40, 60 GB… And on and on. If Apple stopped at 60, other manufacturers would have 120 gig players and people would say “What’s up with Apple? I can only get a 60GB iPod?”

    I dunno, I think Apple likes to lead the way, so I’m still not convinced 60 is the limit. How many songs are available in the iTMS? Take than number, multiple by 3MB and maybe that’s the limit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As far as other media, Apple could promote storing all of you digital photos, and of course video will come, it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Geoffrey Nixon says:

    But if Apple doesn’t continue to upgrade capacity, what else do they have left that they can upgrade to continue charging the prices they do, while components get cheaper and models age? My feeling is that a majority of people who have 60 or even 40 gb iPods don’t have that much music, just like most people with 3.8GHz processors don’t need that much processing capability. Its just a number that signifies improvement and justifies price. So will Apple continue to bump capacities? I think its almost guaranteed.

  4. My wife and I own 5 iPods, from the very first to the most recent 60 GB. We have a Shuffle, a 5, 10 (20?), 20 and 60 GB model. Currently, I am using the 20, my wife the 60 and the Shuffle. With the 20, I have already used up all my capacity with CDs which I OWN, and STILL HAVE. Because I do not have the capacity, I have not yet put any classical music CDs in iTunes, nor any movie soundtracks, or music compilations I have. Also, because I have wanted to conserve space, I did not choose the best encoding rate.

    Because we have purchased so many iPods, I have decided to not purchase a new iPod for myself until Apple releases a 100 GB model. When they do so, I know that I will have absolutely no problem storing all of my (legally owned) content on the iPod. In addition, I know that I will be able to choose the best encoding rate.

    I certainly hope that Apple will come out with a 100 GB model. If there are many more people such as myself (as I am sure there are), there will be adequate demand. The technology will certainly be there – and I would find it surpising if Apple does not meet the demand.

  5. I think there’s 2 factors you need to take into account.
    The first is me… I’m a new iPod owner, and I waited until there was a model that did more than 50GB; the reason being that I’m an audiophile, and I don’t like the compressed sound of small MP3’s. My own tests led me to choose a file size which is approximately twice the size of the default setting in iTunes.

    I don’t use my iPod for photos or anything other than music. All the music I put on it is bought and paid for on CD, so there’s no pirating issues, and I don’t rip things to give to other people. My iPod’s almost full now; I’m a serious music fan. I buy a lot of music and need to carry it around, but won’t sacrifice sound quality for quantity, so I need more hard drive space. I’m sure there are others like me [and Apple’s “lossless encoding” format results in bigger files, too, so Apple must be aware of space requirements from that]. We will push for bigger memory.

    The second is simpler – market forces. If there’s another manufacturer making 100GB MP3 players, Apple are going to have to match it. Imaging if they stopped making PC’s with anything more than 60GB hard drive space [space which stores more of those evil pirate files than an iPod] because of nervous Hollywood types? It wouldn’t happen.

    I’m counting the days until that 100GB announcment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    People who pirate will not become more so because of larger hard drive (as if the ipod hard drive was limiting their appetite). On the other hand, it will encourage the use of lossless and higher bitrates. Pirates usually have only 128kbps or worse. And probably deserve no better.

    I have 250+GB of lossless music, which will require over 70GB of AAC at 192kbps.

  7. SM says:

    I need an 80GB just to store all my music – actually more! I also don’t like losing sound quality. Also, there is no reason why I can’ t put DVDs THAT I OWN on my own iPod, that’s ridiculous. I think they will definitely come out with AT LEAST 100 GB.

  8. i think it will be great to see one on the
    market too.i need to store all my music
    and any other dvd s of large capacities on
    on it .so am looking forward to one.80GB
    or 100GB.

  9. John Lillis says:

    80GB iPod comes out today! Aswell as the iTunes with Movies! Looks like this guy didn’t know what he was talking about! I hate Apple! Now gotta put my 60GB video iPod on e-bay!

  10. I had a 60 GB and now an 80GB. I have legally downloaded from itunes store, music videos, and enough music (from my cd collection and songs bought off of itunes store) to enjoy a weeks worth of entertainment. And yet… I still have nothing to listen too. It all becomes mundane and a little boring. My only consolation is I bought the iPod $50 cheaper at target than everwhere else was selling them. Yay me!

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