Buy Justin’s i-mate JasJar on eBay

Justin is a friend of mine and Intel co-worker who was at PDC when we got our hands on the i-mate JasJar/HTC Universal Pocket PC Phones. Justin has decided to sell his, and currently has it listed on eBay.

The auction ends Saurday morning (Oct. 29), and as of now, the bidding is only at $416. These devices regularly go for $1000+ on eBay, or more if you buy new through an importer like Expansys. So far, this is a great deal on a killer device.

If you’re worried about the lack of eBay feedback on Justin, don’t. I’ll vouch for him as a geek and all around nice guy. And no, he’s not paying me anything to promote this auction. 🙂

If you want to get your hands on the King of current Windows Mobile devices at a great price, this just might be your chance. Head on over and have a bid!


6 thoughts on “Buy Justin’s i-mate JasJar on eBay

  1. Anonymous says:

    If this is one of the $149 offered during the PDC’05, he should have let other people, developers with the real intention of using the device, buy it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    shame on you to sell this device just for the profit, like most people at PDC did. Other pda-lovers can’t get their hands on these and still the price is way to high, you should at least loose money….

  3. To those saying “shame on you”, back off. Justin tried to sell the device to other PDA users/developers (I even tried to find someone interested) before putting it on eBay. He’s not out to flip it and make a profit – if he was, he wouldn’t have waited this long. It just turns out that he’s not using it for what he thought he would, and wants to sell it. Period.

    I agree that the “spirit” of PDC is to give developers what they need to develop cool and useful apps. And everyone I met there seemed to be a nice person. But don’t go judging a person’s character or ethics based on short impressions or single actions. If I were to do that, I’d assume that all PDC attendees were immoral thieves, just because someone stole my laptop AC adapter while I was there.

    Everyone just take a deep breath, and calm down. If you’re interested in this auction, bid. If not, don’t. Let’s keep the moral judgements out of this, eh?

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