Choose What Feeds Show Up in Bloglines Mobile

A few days ago, I posted about configuring Bloglines to only show updated feeds, to streamline your reading when using Bloglines Mobile.

Well the official Bloglines blog has a post today that goes one step further – they’ve added the ability to choose what feeds show up in Bloglines Mobile:

To create your mobile feed list, click the Edit link while in the web version, check which subscriptions you want or don’t want displayed in your mobile view and then select your option in the dropdown menu. You can also change this setting by clicking on the Edit Subscription link while viewing any of your feeds.

Nice feature. They also mention that only showing updated feeds is useful for mobile browsing.

Oh, and check out the mobile device they use to demonstrate:

I get the distinct impression that someone over at Bloglines is reading Mark? Robyn? Is that you? 😉


2 thoughts on “Choose What Feeds Show Up in Bloglines Mobile

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve emailed them again today with a suggestion that I feel would make the mobile version much more useful.

    Have you ever tried to open, say, the Engadget feed with 100 unread items on Bloglines Mobile? It can be terribly slow.

    My suggestion is to have a limit of the number of feed entries that Bloglines Mobile shows at one time, e.g. only show me 10 unread items in a feed at a time.

    Love the podcast BTW 🙂


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