Got my iPod with video, black, 60GB. First gripe.

The Beaverton Mac Store had no idea when they were going to get the black 60GB units in (they had white ones), so I cancelled my deposit, and called the Washington Square Apple Store, who had “armloads” of the black ones. A quick trip down there on Saturday, and I had my precious in my hands.

I’ll be posting a lot more about it, and already have a lot of photos to upload, but here are some first impressions.

It’s thin. The screen is great – video looks wonderful. The elimination of the remote control port is KILLING me – I live by the inline remote. PLEASE, Apple, or someone, give us a way to control this thing without pulling it out of our pocket every time we want to pause, fast forward, or change tracks. PLEASE!


4 thoughts on “Got my iPod with video, black, 60GB. First gripe.

  1. How wonderfully weird. My iPod (30GB, White) was delivered this morning at…wait for it…9.31AM!!

    This should be a wake up call Josh: start pumping out some TinyPodcast Video’s. Have you filled it up with videos yet?

  2. That is weird. 🙂 I’ve filled it up with some video blogs (Rocketboom, etc.), and a few TV episodes. I’ll definitely have to start doing more TinyPodcast Video Edition. I guess this is reason enough for me to start putting that out in something other than WMV. 🙂

  3. Awesome. I’ll look forward to that…

    I have Diggnation/commandN and macTV Vidcasts, aswell as a few Simpsons episodes. Also i found a site (on my beloved which has a bunch of FREE video downloads. Bill Gates getting pied, Apple TV Ads etc etc.

    Free iPod Movies

  4. Sun Be says:

    hey i love my new ipod video but when i first got it the battery was a little poor, i don’t know why? Mabye because i put about 5590 song the first time i got it.
    thx 4 reading this!

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