I am Officially Podless; or, The Hunt is On

It’s offical – I no longer own any iPods. Well, that’s not strictly true – we still have my Shuffle that I gave to my wife. But I just sold my 40GB 3G and 20GB Color white iPods to a friend at work.

The good news is that now I have funds to hunt down and obtain the first 60GB iPod video (in black) that I can get my hands on. It will be mine! 😉

EDIT: Well, the Apple Store at Washington Square Mall was determined to be unhelpful. They refused to even guess when they’d be getting them in, sticking to the company line of “with a new product, we get them when we get them”. Come on. At least provide me some kind of guess – later this week, etc. Make me want to buy it from you! I guess they know they’ll sell out of them no matter what, so no need to worry about customer service.

However, the Mac Store in Beaverton was quite helpful. They said they expect an overnight shipment later this week, and would take a 50% deposit to hold one. I plunked down for a black 60GB.

The moral of the story – support your local small business shops! Dan and Mike were very polite and helpful on the phone – unlike the guy at the offical Apple store, once I finally got through 10 minutes of voice menus to speak to him. Beyond that, the Beaverton Mac Store used to sponsor the Portland Podcasting meetup group by paying for the use of the “community room” at Cedar Hills Crossing mall, where we used to have our meetups. Thanks guys! I’ll be waiting for that call to come pick up my new toy! 🙂