I am SO getting a video iPod!

So the news is out. Just got it via the Engadget feed in Bloglines Mobile. A thinner, bigger screened, video-capable iPod. Yum.

Want my first take on the most significant part of Apple’s announcements? $1.99 TV show downloads. No commercials. I’ve been ranting for months now that I’d happily pay for episodes of Lost and other shows I watch, rather than download them (and delete them after I’ve watched). Shows that are otherwise freely broadcast over the air. Finally, someone is making that possible. I should have known it would be Apple. Now, just give me the ability to subscribe to TV shows via RSS like podcasts!

My other big question is what video codecs the new iPod will playback. I can only hope DivX is there. It would be suicidal to only allow playback of Apple’s FairPlay DRM’ed videos. Anyone know the answer? Leave me a comment.

Now to see if I can hold out until this trip is over to pick one up… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “I am SO getting a video iPod!

  1. Brad says:

    It only supports h.264 and QuickTime 7.0.3. No Divx/Xvid support, no WMV support, no MPEG2 support. I’m quite under whelmed by the whole thing. It looks like Apple is aiming mainly to sell $2 TV shows and videos through itunes as the device adheres to Apples theory of enforcing simplicity through lack of choice for the end user.

  2. It supports h.264 and mpeg4 codecs in .mov and .mpg containers. In theory, QuickTime Pro makes transcoding really easy–but I have seen very little about how closely theory matches reality.

    In concept, I love the television show thing, but with BitTorrent (my only source for television not yet out on DVD), I can get HDTV while the iTunes store only provides QVGA files (i.e. what the iPod screen is.) I will continue to download the HDTV, but will certainly also pay for the QVGA files on general principle.

    As far as buying a new iPod–I think I will wait. I just can’t wait for the FrontRow remote control and menuing software to work with the Mac Mini, since that is the hub of my home entertainment system.

  3. So now the question is do I go with a new iPod or a PSP? I have a 40gb 3rd Gen iPod that I love and use day in and day out. The idea of having video available on it would be very very sweet (but then again so is a PSP where I can play games and take advantage of the wifi).

    Now what do I do? 🙂

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