I’ll Buy the First Digital Camera That Can Post Directly to Flickr

Everyone’s coming out with digital cameras with WiFi capabilities these days. But they’re all disappointing. Kodak’s EasyShare ONE camera can do WiFi, but only if you stick their WiFi SD card in it, which besides being a total hack, limits you to the 256MB memory on the SD WiFi card. Nikon has announced a couple of cameras with WiFi, but they only work with a computer that’s running Nikon’s proprietary software, making WiFi more of a cable replacement than using it to make the camera a real network device.

Now Canon has the new Powershot SD430 Wireless:

You can do a little more with this one, like automatically transfer photos as you shoot, print wirelessly, and control the camera from your PC, but all of that requires Canon’s proprietary software, and is still only making using of WiFi as a cable replacement.

I want a camera that can act as a real network client, and post to online photo services like Flickr. I don’t care if it comes from a manufacturer or from the hacker/maker community. As soon as WiFi in a digital camera becomes more than a gimmick, I’ll drop some cash on it. I can’t be alone in this desire. My challenge – make my life easier – help me streamline the process of getting the photos off of my SD card, and onto Flickr where I can share them, blog them, and do something useful with them!

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