I’m teaching the “Podcasting from Mobile Devices” session at Podcast Academy

Blogarithms – Podcast Academy Curriculum

The Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference is happening November 11-12 in Ontario, California. Many big names in podcasting will be there, and it’s the first big geeky podcast event in the U.S.

Doug Kaye, from IT Conversations, is putting on the Podcast Academy on November 10, the day before. As part of the curriculum, Doug has asked me to present/teach a session on Podcasting from Mobile Devices.

I guess that means I have to finalize my travel plans and registration. I’ve been to so many conferences this year I was going to have to skip this one, but I can’t very well do that if they’ve asked me to present, now, can I? 😉

Check out the sites above for info on the conference and Podcast Academy, and register if you’re intersted. Drop me a line if you’re going to be there, so we can get together!