It’s NOT a podcast if there’s no feed!

Someone needs to gently and kindly teach Liz Phair and all the other “celebrities” that throw up some audio and call it a podcast that it’s NOT a podcast if there’s no RSS feed and I can’t subscribe in my aggregator!

This is the era of RSS and the aggregator. I’m NEVER going to remember to come back to a website every Friday to manually download another episode. If you’ve discovered how much better and more efficient using an aggregator is, I bet you won’t either. These “podcasts” without feeds are nothing more than audio that will die on the vine. Or vain attempts to appear “hip” by using the latest cool thing that all the geeks are talking about. 😉

Oh, and someone get Cringely to put up a feed so I can get NerdTV video (not just the audio) on my iPod video while you’re at it!

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