Light blogging this week

I’m on vacation with my wife, visiting friends and seeing sights in the Washington D.C. area, so blogging will be a little light this week.

I still expect to do little posts like this via EVDO, because so much cool stuff is happening this week: Chris Pirillo’s,, and Apple’s big announcement tomorrow. Could it really be a video iPod? The real question if is will be, can I resist buying one before I get home. 🙂

BTW, my Samsung i730 is pretty much my only connectivity here, and it’s working great so far. EVDO coverage is excellent. Dropped down to 1xRTT while sightseeing at Monticello and Charlottesville today, though. I’m using Bloglines Mobile to keep up on my “short list” of feeds. EVDO is up to the task of keeping up with all 600 plus of my feeds, but I don?t really have time. Hey, even an übergeek like me needs a vacation. 😉

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